This is How To Get Customers Via Phone Calls Without Getting A Cold Response

By reading the title of this article, maybe some of you are still confused about what is the term cold phone call. Before proceeding further and knowing the secrets of getting customers, first here is an explanation of the cold phone call. A cold call is when you call a customer and finally get an uncomfortable response to hang up. Meanwhile, if your company is still new and you need easy access for your customers to call your company’s staffs, then you definitely need to try the effective 1300 number call center technology.

Kendra Lee explains a little secret of how to get customers without getting a cold response on the phone, such as:

1. Magnet sales: Basic Prospects

Use the warm-up technique before calling. The point is that before you have developed a strong relationship with the customer that will be on the phone. So when you call, the customer has the perspective that you can be trusted and the opportunity they want to listen to you will be greater.

2. Trifecta Prospect

The contents of the trifecta prospect are

Personal strategy
E-mail, personal, postcard and others.

Digital strategy
In the form of social media, e-newsletters, blogs and content marketing.

Collaboration Strategy
In the form of local events, offline PR, partners, major vendors.

Actually, maybe some of the business people have implemented the two responses above, it’s just that the application is not optimal. Therefore, find out more about what has been done by successful business turnover billions and take strategies that help the growth of your business.

Aside from those two points, you also need to find the right kind of people who can be effective customer service staffs for your company. Although communication skills can be learned, it will be easier for you to find those who are talented in communication, so they are capable of convincing your customers to buy your products or services. Additionally, those kinds of people are also capable of cooling down the anger of customers who want to express their complaints to your company.

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