Tips And Ideas For B1 Test For Task 1-2 In Speaking Skill

English B1 level is classified in intermediate level which requires for British citizenship (naturalization), settlement, and ILR (Indefinite Leave to Remain). click this link needs 4 basic skills of English especially Speaking. The Spoken exam has four tasks based on real-life situations. You will examine pairs with your partner. You will talk and have a discussion with your partner and the examiner in one of the tasks.

If you want to take the exam, here’s some tips and ideas to pass Spoken exam for task 1 and 2.

B1 Test for Task 1-2 in Speaking Skill Tips and Ideas

1. Task 1 – Interview

Try to give a quick simple answer in the B1 test which is very easy in the first question. They have different two topic questions, the first is about the topic and you and the second is about your opinion. Say more than just a quick Yes or No with a reason or comment if you get a Yes-or-No one. You can collect useful sentences about your opinions and activities before the exam.

2. Task 2 – Picture Story

The most important thing is the story in the preparation time of the B1 test. You should note down the most important phrases and words which you will need in the exam. You will not be able to read the notes in the exam if you write full sentences. Tell your story in the past tenses like past continuous, past simple, and past perfect. You should try to make your story as exciting as possible and use linking words or phrases. Make sure you have tried telling stories in English and record yourself before the exam at home.

That’s all about tips and idea for task 1 and 2 in B1 test speaking skill. Improve yourself by practicing a lot or you can join for courses to prepare the exam.