These Are Methods Of Rhinoplasty Surgery To Get A Pointed Nose

One of the goals of a person undergoing nose surgery is to enhance their appearance and increase self-confidence. Some actions may be taken in order to change the shape of a person’s nose. Additionally, if you want to find a trusted rhinoplasty surgeon near you, you just need to go to the Rhinoplasty in Phoenix.

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Here are the actions that might be taken for nasal plastic surgery:

The nasal surgery to make a nose become more pointed

Surgery is performed to increase the height of the nasal trunk by inserting solid silicon or cartilage in the nose. Rhinoplasty in some countries is synonymous with the operation of a pointed nose.

Surgery to reduce nose height (nose reduction)

Surgery to reduce the height of the nasal trunk is done by reducing excess bone or protruding bone.

Nasal lobe surgery

Surgery that aims to change the shape of the nasal lobe to be narrower or wider.

Nose tip surgery

This type of surgery will change the shape of the nasal tip.

In addition to aesthetic reasons, nose surgery can also be done after a nasal injury or in certain diseases, such as tumors in the nose, to restore the shape of the nose and improve its function.

Preparation for Operation to get the pointed nose

During the initial consultation, you will be asked how you want your nose to look after the operation. After that, the doctor will evaluate the structure of your nose and face, and explain what factors can affect the operation, both the type of action and the outcome. These factors include the shape of the bones and nasal cartilage, facial shape, thickness of the skin around the nose, age, smoking habits, and patient expectations.

After the agreement is reached on the expected results, the doctor will take photographs of various positions, from the front position showing the entire face, side position 45 degrees, side position 90 degrees, and the position of the head holding up.

Be sure to tell your doctor if you have had nose surgery or had an injury to the nose area before, even though it happened a few years ago. You also need to tell your doctor if you have an allergy to certain medicines.