These Are 3 Most Common Types Of Floor Covering Materials

The floor is one of the elements that make up the house and determine the identity of a house. The type is also very diverse with a variety of prices also in accordance with the design and needs. In general, floor covering material on the market can be divided into 2 categories namely natural and artificial flooring types. The stone that is cut like marble, granite, and limestone is a natural floor. While cement, ceramics, and vinyl are categorized as artificial floors. Additionally, if you need expert design interiors who can help you choose the right floor and its covering materials for your room, you can call the trusted Celcius Interiors.

These are 3 types of the most common floor covering materials that people must know:

1. Wooden floor covering

Since a long time ago wood is a common building material and is widely available so that it can be used for all building elements such as floors, walls, building construction and roofs. Wood flooring is still a popular material for residential homes because of the natural aesthetic impression and its ability to provide warmth in space. Flexible wood can provide an elegant, classic, modern or contemporary atmosphere. Wood flooring production technology has developed rapidly along with the increasing demand of the community. The most common type of parquet flooring is the generation of wooden floors that replace plank floors for houses on stilts.

2. Marble & Granite covering

This type of flooring is a mining material that is directly taken from nature. Marble and granite are rock types that have formed in hundreds of years and cannot be renewed. Processing only requires a process of cutting and refinement. Its availability in nature is limited causing very expensive prices on the market. Marble is cold so it can cool the temperature in the room. It also looks very luxurious with a variety of motifs and patterns. However, maintenance is more difficult than other types of floors.

3. Ceramics covering

Ceramic is the most popular type of floor covering used in some countries. This is because the price is very varied. Color motifs and sizes of ceramics are also very diverse from marble, plain, wood fiber and many more. Its use is not only for the floor, but the wall also looks more beautiful when coated with ceramic.