These Are SEO Elements That Affect Your On-Page SEO

In a website page, of course, you use various media such as images or videos. Using pictures or videos will be an added value for the website. However, excessive and useless media use will also make visitors lazy to visit the website. They will only regard the media as spam In the meantime, you can hire consultor seo near your location if your website’s traffic and rank are getting worse right now.

The following tips on optimizing website media:

Use images or videos related to content.
Use the right extension, for example the .jpg extension for images and the .mp4 extension for videos.
Make sure the image resolution matches the display resolution of the website.
Compress the image so that it is more optimal and does not interfere with loading the website.

Use Link Reference

When you create content, sometimes you have to quote other people’s content to include in your content. For example when taking the results of a research or research.

Well, the most important thing you need to remember when quoting other people’s content is to enter a reference (source) in the form of a link that leads to that content.

Use Internal Link

The next On Page SEO Tips is the use of internal links. The use of internal links in a website is also something that can improve SEO optimization. Because simultaneously search engines will index several pages of the website simultaneously.

In addition, internal links will help you to reduce the website’s bounce rate. Without you knowing it, the internal link will make visitors feel at home on your website.

Create social sharing

The next step you can do is provide social sharing or provide a “share” button on your website. That way readers can share your articles on their social media. Of course, this will be easier to do, instead of having to open each social media application every time you share.