Promising Career For Studying English

Good news for you who like to study languages ​​and literature, especially English. You could be an English teacher that could also be traveling the world. Becoming a foreign language graduate, of course, you can become a foreign language instructor both as a teacher, lecturer, and course instructor. Not only teaching foreign languages ​​for people in your country but you can also become an English language instructor for foreign speakers who are studying it. If you want to travel to South-East Asia, with Thailand TEFL you could be an English teacher in Thailand.

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But the profession you could pursue is not only a teacher because you could also be an editor. As the print and digital media industry grow, the need for writers and editors is also increasing every time. Moreover, a large number of translated manuscripts from foreign authors were translated into Indonesian. So graduates of foreign languages ​​and literature have a place to fill this work. Graduates of literature or foreign languages ​​have a good opportunity to get into the world of translation, both in written form or in oral form. Interestingly, foreign language students are often used as walking dictionaries by other majors. If since college alone you are needed, especially if you have graduated you will have better opportunities.

Often playing with words, literature and language graduates or foreign languages ​​can become a writer. The author is actively involved in creating and developing works of fiction and non-fiction. Besides, new media also opens up opportunities for writers in various fields, such as copywriters and content writers. Well, if this one profession would be the most appropriate profession with a major in literature. Indeed, if studying in the literature department, of course, familiar with the literature, although this does not apply absolutely. If you want to be a writer, you can choose to be a novelist, short story writer, essayist, critic, etc.