Your Business Rely On Customer Service

Based on one survey, customer service has become the main choice or factor for customers in choosing products to buy or use Titan Call Center. This means that the traditional view of price, location and product excellence is no longer a major factor of concern to customers. For this reason, company or organizational management must pay attention to this matter as competitiveness and make continuous improvements. You could provide a professional and trustworthy call center tijuana to make sure that you give the best service to your customer. It is important to have a professional call center to handle all the stress and pressure of the work. The importance of a good customers service is could no longer be put aside.

In the era of technology, customer service is the main concern, why is that? We all certainly have experienced bad service or treatment. What are we doing ? we will most likely tell bad experiences, rather than good experiences. The survey shows that more than double the number of customers who tell bad experiences than those who tell good experiences. The survey also showed that 57% of disappointed customers, when contacting contact centers and customer service, did not get the expected service. Likewise, 56% of customers are disappointed because the service provided is too long. Meanwhile, 42% of customers said that more than 1 customer service must be served before the problem can be resolved.

Other data revealed 34% of customers felt that they had to contact different numbers and the services provided were less personal. Worse, 24% of customers feel that they know more about their products than contact center agents or customer service serving. The remaining 16% of customers state that the website or online service does not provide accurate information. Furthermore, according to the survey, the impact on customer disappointment on customer service was 89% of customers stopping using the company’s products or services. There are no customers who want to do business with companies that provide poor service.

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