Intend to Visit Oregon? Make Sure You Visit This Place!

Do you plan to visit Oregon? There are many places you can visit, one of which is NYE Beach. The following are some of the places you can visit:

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– Misery Ridge Hiking Trail
Misery Ridge Hiking Trail is located in the central part of Oregon. Usually, this route is very crowded on weekends. This unusual view you can enjoy from the top of the Misery Ridge Hiking Trail.

– Sweet Creek Trail
Beautiful blooming flowers fill the path from April to May. Well, this is the time you have to go there. Not only the beauty of the flowers, but you will also find a waterfall that covers the journey of 2 miles.

– Cape Meares
Cape Meares is used as a nest for various species of birds. Its location is above 200 feet above sea level. You will also see Bald-Eagles which is an American national bird there. Don’t ask about the beauty of the sunset.