Creating Company Image With Business Email

In the midst of the popularity of social media today, e-mail remains a mainstay for communication in the realm of business. The image of your company can even be built here. Talking about imagery means talking about what you can show. Therefore, the website domain or field that you are in at least must be listed in the business email that you have. The main goal is simple: to increase the level of trust of prospective customers. As a result, your company will look more ‘official’ so that they have more confidence in what you have to offer. Don’t forget, you also have to use the bulk email verifier for emails that you create clearout.

You can get a free e-mail using Google Mail and Yahoo Mail services. It’s just because it’s free, the email you get is also the default, you can’t change it yourself according to the website domain that you have.

If you have limited capital and are eyeing emails at no cost, there are actually alternatives to Google and Yahoo. is what you can make the choice to have an email with a domain that suits your business for free. The way of making it is also easy, you only need to register like making a regular email. provides a row of beautiful domains that you can choose according to the field you’re in. Some examples include @, @, @ and many other domains that are still related to business and work.

Its features are no less than other more popular email platforms. Compared to Google, for example, users also get 2GB of storage to store various files and emails. In fact, sending files more freely. provides more room for file attachments, which are 50MB (attachments on Google are only 25MB maximum).

In order to build a corporate image, we actually encourage you to use a business email with your own domain name. This method is more effective to improve the image of your business. Company names in the domain will also increase awareness and the level of customer confidence in what you have to offer. In terms of prestige, this clearly will make your business look ‘real’ in the eyes of customers, not just bragging.

Web hosting service provider companies usually provide the domain name as well as business email in the packages they offer. This means you can get a business e-mail as you wish just by having your own website. If both are active, both on the website and on the business e-mail, you can put them on letterhead, banners, or any marketing kit that you publish.