Healthy Diet Menu With 1,200 And 1,500 Calories

It is said that the number of calories for women on a daily diet is around 1,200 calories. Then, for men who are on a diet program that is around 1,500-1,800 per day. Even so, it all depends on the activities undertaken and posture healthy meal plans on a budget for weight loss. To help you go on a healthy diet, you can visit our website and get a weight loss meal plan as your guide for the right diet.

A healthy diet is not difficult if you choose lots of foods that are rich in nutrients. In this diet, you have to choose lots of fruits and vegetables that are low in calories, but high in fiber and low in protein sources. Here is a healthy diet menu which is only 1200 calories:

– Breakfast: one cup of oatmeal, one tablespoon of honey, one cup of real orange juice, and one cup of coffee or tea as a drink.
– Lunch: two pieces of whole wheat bread filled with sliced chicken breast, then given sliced tomatoes, lettuce, and one spoonful of mustard. Then, add one and a half cup of carrot slices and water as a drink.
– Dinner: three ounces of grilled salmon, one cup of green beans, salad and lemon for drinks.
– Snacks: apples, one cup of nonfat milk, and one cup of strawberries.

Then, a healthy diet menu with 1,500 calories is:

– Breakfast: one slice of bread with one tablespoon of almond butter, one boiled egg, one orange, and one cup of coffee or tea without sugar.
– Lunch: two slices of whole wheat bread, two ounces of sliced roast beef, one slice of cheese, one spoonful of mustard, and one cup of nonfat milk for drinks.
– Dinner: one piece of chicken breast weighing three ounces, one cup of broccoli cooked with lemon juice, one and a half cup of cooked black beans, one roll of whole wheat, one glass of milk without sugar and fat.
– Snacks: one cup of plain yogurt, one and a half cup of blueberries, and one cup of orange juice.