MWR Vacations – Places for the Military to Visit

The men and women in the military uniform need to take a break from their schedules and explore the attractions the planet has to offer while engaging in leisure travels. Below is a look at some of the most interesting MWR vacations for the military men and women in the quest for some adventure.

The Fredericksburg’s WW II Attractions

Secluded in the Texas Hills is Fredericksburg, one of the least known MWR vacations. This town mimics any other small town in Texas; the cows grazing lazily, well-maintained scenic homes and barns. However, a closer look reveals the town’s connection to the World War II and II.

MWR Vacations

MWR Vacations

Nestled in the town is the Admiral Nimitz Historic Site and National Museum, historic museum devoted to telling the tale of the courageous men and women who fought in the Pacific Theater during the World War II. The museum features more than 23,000 square feet of indoor exhibition. From the war equipment to the pictures of the men who took part in the war, this museum has a wealth of history and a visit would be an incredible learning experience.

The Stones River National Battlefield

Touted as one of Tennessee’s most significant battle sites during the American Civil War, this is a 600 acre national battlefield and cemetery that brings out the memories of what transpired as the Confederate and Union forced faced off in a fierce battle a few hours before the dawn of December 31, 1862.

At the cemetery is a 10,000 square foot visitor’s center and a museum as well as a movie hall. Here, visitors are treated to a 10-minute movie that gives a sneak peak of the Battle of Stones and general information about the park. Admission is free and the attraction remains open throughout the year.

The Stonington Lighthouse and Museum

Situated in the scenic streets of Stonington and a few meters from the Long Island are the Stonington Lighthouse and Museum, one of the most spectacular MWR vacations. While the lighthouse resembles most lighthouses in the northeast, it holds a rich history; a fact makes it an attractive destination if you are a history enthusiast,

The lighthouse is about three stories high and offers a magnificent view of the Long Island. The museum boasts a collection of unique and impressive military artifacts from the 1812 war. One of the major attractions is the 24 pound cannon ball fired by the British and the section of the wall where it impacted. There is a lot to be seen in the museum, giving you more than one reason to pay a visit
This is a just a tip of the iceberg. There are many more MWR vacations with unmatched splendor, beauty, and history. Be sure to check out the best time to visit, the charges and any special offers from your MWR office.

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