How Strong Is The Nicotine Addiction?

About 70% of smokers want to quit and about half try to quit every year, but only 4-7 percent succeed in quitting completely without help. This is because smokers are not only physically dependent on nicotine but also emotional dependence that causes recurrence after quitting. Meanwhile, if you want to find an alternative way to smoke, perhaps you need to know a company that helps you with it.

Smokers might associate smoking with social and other activities. Smokers might also use tobacco to deal with unpleasant feelings, which can make it difficult for some smokers to quit. These factors make smoking more difficult to stop.

In fact, it’s probably more difficult to stop smoking than to stop using cocaine or opiates like heroin. Experts have examined 28 different studies of people trying to stop using substances that make them addicted. (Many people have other supports such as behavioral therapy, so the success rate is higher than without help at all.) About 18% managed to stop consuming alcohol, and more than 40% managed to stop using opiates or cocaine, but only 8% were managed to stop smoking.

Nicotine is poison, and high doses of nicotine can kill by stopping the muscles that humans use to breathe. But smokers usually suck a little nicotine level so the body can process it quickly. The first dose of nicotine can make someone feel refreshed, and the next dose makes a feeling of calm and relaxed.

Nicotine can cause new smokers and regular smokers who smoke too much, feel dizzy and nausea. The average heartbeat rate for young smokers is approximately 2-3 beats per minute. Nicotine also decreases the temperature of the skin and it decreases the flow of blood in the legs. Nicotine plays a role in increasing the risk of heart disease and stroke, but other substances in cigarette smoke have a greater role.

A lot of people think that nicotine is a compound in tobacco which causes cancer. It’s a big misunderstanding. This has caused some people don’t want to use nicotine replacement therapy to stop smoking. In fact, nicotine is a substance that makes tobacco addictive, but it’s not the cause of cancer.

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