MWR Tickets 2015 – All You Need To Know About It

MWR in the armed forces refers to Morale, Welfare and Recreation. MWR in San Diego is an association that provides both supportive and leisure services to you as a soldier, as well as your family, civilian workers and armed forces retirees. The purpose of MWR San Diego activities is to give you a higher quality of life. MWR tickets will give you the chance to enjoy special deals and discounts to some of the most popular recreational spots in the region.


MWR Tickets

MWR Tickets

Apart from ensuring morale and welfare of soldiers and their family, MWR is also supposed to organize recreation and entertainment activities for the members of the military and their families. You qualify for MWR tickets if you are:

– An active military employee
– A military reserve
– A Guard
– A Military retiree
– A civilian employee in the military
– Military related individuals
– Family members of each of the above individuals.

The reason why these MWR tickets are so beneficial is because they provide you with the chance to take a break from your military duties. This way, you can be able to relax and enjoy this time with your colleagues and family members.

Furthermore, MWR activities ensure that you can enjoy the same quality of life as other civilians who you work so hard to protect and serve. This ensures that you do not suffer from any of the anxiety and stress that is prevalent in the military.

If you qualify to receive these tickets, you are supposed to always keep yourself updated on the events as well as the availability of the tickets. This is because the tickets can be found in different locations, depending on the activity.

For example, MWR can organize a trip to Disneyland for military personnel and their immediate family. You may not be required to pay anything, or the price may be significantly discounted. Some of the tickets are usually offered by the Department of Defense in the United States.

However, there are usually some private companies as well as public listed corporations that could offer to provide tickets for Military personnel. They could also offer special recreation and entertainment deals for you and your family through the MWR program.

For example, in the past, MWR tickets have been offered by Screen Zone or by the County Fair. There have also been tickets to Roller Coasters in several theme parks, or special deals and water sports tickets to Disneyland.

Other corporations that have offered MWR tickets include IBM, Apple, and Microsoft. These tickets are often sold through authorized dealers. Some tickets can also be downloaded and printed online. There are even organizations that provide coupon codes as opposed to physical MWR tickets. A quick search will reveal the available deals as well as where the tickets can be found.


San Diego and its environs have plenty of attractions which you and your family can enjoy. However, most of the attractions that are chosen are usually very family friendly. One of the best places for you to take your family is Disneyland.

Disneyland is an amusement park that is ideal for people of all ages. It is an enchanting and magical theme park where you and your immediate family can have fun and create beautiful memories. However, Disneyland tickets are usually very expensive.

The good news is that you will get a significant discount which will make it easier for you to take your family to this amusement park. The kids will have the time of their life at the Magic Kingdom or at the Cinderella Castle, while you and your colleagues practice your swing at any of the four golf courses in this park.

Another spot where you can get a discounted MWR ticket to is Oceano. This beautiful and majestic place perfectly describes the magnificence of nature. You and your family will be able to relax at the beach. You can also indulge your adventurous side by driving an all-terrain vehicle across the sand. What you can be sure of is that you and your family will enjoy your time at this spot.


MWR San Diego tickets are highly discounted. This ensures that you can take your family to the ideal holiday destination without breaking your bank. In fact, you can significantly reduce the cost of your vacation through careful planning. You can also have an inexpensive and fun vacation if you follow a number of tips.

Though the MWR ticket is usually discounted, you may not go to the vacation of your dreams because of the high price of transportation and accommodation. The best way to ensure that the overall cost of the vacation is low is to go during the off-season. Choose a location that is not very popular, and visit it during times when there are fewer people. The airplane ticket to such a destination will be significantly lower. Furthermore, the cost of accommodation will also be low. Since the place may be trying to attract visitors, they may have their own discounts in addition to the MWR discounts. In the end, you will have the vacation of your dreams at a very reasonable price.

Therefore, the price list of tickets varies depending on the location and the season. In order to get a great price, you should choose a relatively cheap location. You should also be flexible with the vacation dates so that you can enjoy the cheapest rates and the highest discounts.

You should also remain up-to-date with all the promotions and deals that are provided by various companies in order to appreciate and reward military families. These promotions will significantly reduce the overall cost of your vacation.


You and your family deserve an MWR vacation as appreciation for all of the work that you do in order to ensure that everybody else can enjoy their basic freedoms. MWR tickets will ensure that you and your family can have a vacation where you can bond and enjoy your time together. This ensures that you are able to relax and enjoy a memorable time with your family whenever you are on a break from military duty.

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